No Such Thing As Roulette Cheating

Cheating at roulette is something that you will simply just not manage to pull off, let alone get away with.

Online roulette cheating is down and outright impossible as it is all played through software and no contact whatsoever can be made with the wheel, ball or chips. With land based casinos, there are ways in which cheating has been achieved, but nowadays with such strict surveillance it is simply not worth the bother. In the past there were three known ways in which cheating at roulette could operate. The first way was to tamper with the wheel.

This was done by placing magnets either nearby or even on the wheel itself to determine when it would stop its rotations. The outcome was usually favourable to the chosen number upon which a bet had been placed. the croupier would work in cahoots with a player and place a small magnet into the slot of the desired number so quickly that no one would be any wiser. Usually a healthy tip would be left as a commission for the dirty deed. The second way cheating was performed was by interfering with the ball itself and again with the use of magnets. the whole process had to be carried out extremely quickly so that it wouldn’t attract any attention and cause alarm.

These days it is simply unheard of as all major casinos have taken adequate precautions to counter any form of cheating. The third form of cheating at roulete would have been by altering and changing the numbers upon which the chips had been placed in bets. Today the players are not allowed to touch the chips after placing a bet and as soon as the round is over, the croupier swiftly collects the chips with either a rake or his hands. Croupiers are trained in such a way that their attention is never broken and their eyes are their most powerful weapon. cameras are also present in abundance to capture anything that may look or be suspicious. So at the end of the day cheating at roulette has become practically a thing of the past. if you win, you win and likewise of you lose you lose. If you can’t bear the downside, then your best option is to not play at all as it is the only way you can keep hold of your money without having put it at risk.